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Born in the vibrant landscapes of California and nurtured amidst the charm of Arkansas, my culinary journey began long before I could reach the kitchen counter. Growing up, my world revolved around the delicious symphony of my family's bakeries and farm—a legacy of culinary artistry passed down through generations.

From the tender age of 16, I found my place in the heart of the food industry. My roots trace back to my mom's bakery, where the aroma of wedding cakes mingled with the sweet delights my grandfather and I crafted. Meanwhile, my dad and his wife owned a pie bakery, complemented by a farm that provided the very ingredients that graced our tables.

Life took an unexpected turn in my late 20s, leading me down a path of resilience and determination. Homelessness became a chapter in my story, but within the struggle, a dream emerged—to bring my lifelong passion for food to life. In 2015, that dream materialized into Chef Ashelanna, a culinary venture rooted in authenticity and love.

My educational journey led me to the Art Institute of California in San Bernardino, where I honed my skills and graduated with a degree in International Cuisine & Restaurant Management.

Since then, my career has been a diverse tapestry of experiences—managing restaurants and nightclubs, overseeing bar operations for hotel pool bars and resorts, and donning the hat of a sous chef at the age of 19 for a prestigious Southern California casino and resort.

In each role and every endeavor, I've found joy in creating memorable culinary experiences which led me to provide Personal Chef Services to Palm Springs & Southern California. 

Today, Chef Ashelanna stands as a testament to passion, perseverance, and the belief that great food has the power to transcend circumstances.

Welcome to a culinary journey where tradition meets innovation, and every dish tells a story. Join me in savoring the artistry of flavors and the richness of a life dedicated to the love of food.

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